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Consent & Diagnostic Questionnaire

Best Life Mental Health Services, LLC

Your Health Comes First

Welcome to Best Life Mental Health Services, LLC. Our team is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive services to benefit their health and well-being. With our streamlined registration system and responsive diagnosis procedure, we have more time to focus on helping patients find treatments to feel better, and connecting them with resources to help them stay better.


IMPORTANT: If you have not filled out the New Patient Questionnaire form, click the button below before filling out the consent forms.

Mandatory Consent Forms.

All new patients must complete the 3 forms below. Please send completed form via fax or email to 812-203-5057/

Psychotropic medication consent

 Telemedicine/teletherapy consent

Release of Information

Diagnostic Forms    (Optional)

New patients, please print out and complete the following applicable diagnostic questionnaire forms and email them to or fax to (812) 203-5057. HIPAA Privacy Compliant.

Depression scale.

Anxiety scale.

 ADD/ADHD scale 

Mood  disorder/Bipolar scale

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